Chris Kilkus is a Fashion Photographer

Fashion Photography


Photography, in true sense, is a unique form of art, however fashion photography, particularly, is a further tasteful manifestation of talent. Fashion photography has a long history. There have been delightful dresses all through ages. Fashion photography came into existence with the thought of capturing lovely models wearing those delightful dresses. The main motto was to advertise the dresses to increase their retail value. From that point forward, this type of photography has progressed beyond anyone’s expectations.As the time passed, new dimensions continued adding to this photography. At that point the backdrop and set where the photos were caught began being a vital piece of the shoot.



These days, fashion photos demonstrate a dress and a model, as well as demonstrate a mind-set, and most importantly the subject. There’s a great deal in the photos, which is inconspicuous, and which is for the viewer to translate. With a new climate, a new change in clothing is presented and each item of cloth depicts a new mood. Excellent and professional fashion photography captures that mood and brings it in front of the audience. There’s a great deal to be found some hidden meaning in these photos.




Fashion photography all begins with an idea. Take the example of a well known photographer portraying the fashion of the SPRING LOOK to attract as well as to create a desire and sensation among the viewers.Each time you open a fashion magazine, it is brimming with allure and sparkle, with photos of hot models everywhere. We barely recognize the little line beneath the photos “photographs by”; that is the name of photographer. It is the efforts of the fashion photographer that these models look so great, and they are the individuals who showcase the models and the most recent styles to people in general. So you can comprehend the way that fashion photography is important and amount of precision the photography most importantly requires.


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Gurbaksh Chahal, seen in a 2008 file photo.

Gurbaksh Chahal, seen in a 2008 file photo.

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Our fashion photography is simply more than what meets the eye. There is something more in the dress along with the body language of the model. Our photographers with their professional skills simply highlight those extra features and bring them into focus. One of the simple mottos of fashion photography is to create desire. If by looking at a photograph, one aspires for the dress or the look of the model that is the aim of fashion photography.



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