Spanish Fashion Magazine

Spanish men’s magazine Hercules Magazine takes a light touch for spring in a new issue with four covers by Amit, Alessio Boni, Thomas Giddings, and Bruce Weber bordered in a gentle pastel pink. Themed around “A New Light,” the magazine offers a considered take on the new season, from Giddings’s cover feature on actor Karl Glusman to Jan Lehner and Mitchell Belk’s moody feature starring Tim Dibble. Boni teams up with Francesco Sourigues for a poetic exploration of rising gender-bending designer Palomo Spain, while Benjamin Vnuk and Gabriella Norberg find a retro appeal to the season’s prints. Amit and Pau Avia’s street cast story brings a classic eye to a cast of striking individuals, and Louis Bauvir loses himself in Serge Leblon and Benoit Martinengo’s story.

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